Our struggle



This image sums up the struggle of the labour movement perfectly. We build it, we actually make the money, but all credit goes to the capital owner.

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Congratulations Rickey Wallace As Our New General Vice President


Rickey Wallace has been appointed interim General Vice President to replace Robert Martinez Jr. Please join us in congratulations towards Rickey! Keep up the Fight for our Future!


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Never Forget the Price of Freedom



IAMAW Local 623 would like to honor and remember the fallen from Pearl Harbor. Thank you to all service members, past, present, and future. We would like to especially honor the families of those who never returned from the battle. Your families have paid the price for all of our freedom.

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Executive Board Voting This Month!


At this months meetings, Local 623 will be voting on a new Executive Board and Treasurer. If any members or retiree’s in good standing would like their voice heard for our leaderships posisitions, please comee on down and vote!


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Local 623 Welcomes and Congragulates our new President


Our International President Tom Buffenbarger, will step down on Jan.1, 2016 after a 45-year career that spans service as a local IAM Shop Steward to more than 18 years as the IAM’s top elected official.The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) announced that General Vice President Bob Martinez, Jr. will succeed Tom per our bylaws.
Bob Martinez Jr. will finish out the current term of Tom Buffenbarger, which goes to July 1, 2017.

Please welcome Mr. Martinez to his newly nominated posisition as we continue to fight for our future!

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Electrolux Ratifies new Contract!


I am glad to anounce that Electrolux Home Products and our IAM local 623 have finished negotiations and the membership voted to accept the contract.
This new agreement will go through November of 2018.
I would like to personally thank our negotiating committee who worked for weeks to get to this point!

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New Bylaws on the horizon


In the upcoming September monthly meeting, we will be voting on bylaw changes. If you want to find out exactly what’s happening and make your voice count in the vote come on down for all members in good standing with the Local.

Like all monthly meetings, it will be the second Tuesday of September at 6:30 pm. at the St. Cloud Labor Home
1903 4th Ave. N.
St. Cloud, MN 56303

(directions here)

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Benton County Fair!


We will be sharing the St. Cloud Trades and Labor booth at the Benton County Fair and Local 623 will be there on Wednesday, August 5th from 4 pm to closing time.  Stop on in and say Hi, answer any questions, or get some great information.

Directions can be found here.

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Electrolux prepares for their contract!


Several members from the negotiating committee at Electrolux just completed the Negotiating Prep. Course at the W3. Lets wish them the best luck taking their new education to help the members of Electrolux fight for a strong new contract this fall.



pictured are in front from left, Jerome (Skip) Frederick and Gene Simon.

Second Row from left, Tom Spanier, Rhonda Studer, and Wayne Klatt

Back Row from left, Colleen Murphy-Cooney, Randy Johnson, and Les Wolf

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Organizing 1 at the W3


Two of our members spent a week out at the Winpisinger Center to take Organizing 1. The education they received will help us move forward in helping more people fight for a living wage, good benefits, and dignity in the workplace!



Back row, second from the right are members Joe Baratta and Brian Eggersgluess

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