Our IAMAW President Responds to the TPP


Our President, Robert Martinez Jr., responded to the Obama administration signing the Trans Pacific Partnership today.
I know we can all agree that today is a sad day for the working and working poor in the United States of America. Yet again our elected politicians, all of them, have sold us out for profit and ideological sympathy. Republicans and democrats in Congress approved this treaty, that was signed today. Remember who signed for it in November. Look who’s running against them and see what they say.
Our representative democratic republic is only as good as those we vote for. Ignore the tv, Facebook, YouTube, billboard, and radio ads. Look into each candidate for yourself. Our primaries are on March 1st. Let’s get our rights back with this election. Let’s unite for the working rights our forefathers fought and died for. For what our veterans fought and died for. America is great, let’s see how great we can make it. Let’s not make it great again, let’s make it better then it’s ever been.
See Pres. Martinez’s official response here.

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Honor the legacy of the greatest man of the last fifty years


Today we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A man who was never content with helping only once. Even after his greatest accomplishments, the eventual passage if the civil rights act, he kept fighting for labor and poverty.
Please remember when he died in 1968, he was fighting for striking workers in Memphis.
Let’s continue his fight forward to create a stronger middle class. The middle class he had. The middle class that is dying since he left us.


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Sen. Sanders (I-VT) bill, The Workplace Democracy Act


A new bill, still in committee, needs our support! It has a very uphill battle as the current congress is unlikely to pass a labor bill, but if enough support gets through, it could! Contact your senators and spread the word!

CLICK HERE to contact your senator.

CLICK HERE for more info and the exact progress of the bill.

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Watch “A Legacy Continues” on YouTube


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New beginnings for the IAMAW


Today our new International President and General Vice President were sworn in. IP Martinez and GVP Wallace, IAM local 623 congratulates and welcomes you. We hope you continue the hard fight for a better tomorrow.


IP Martinez


GVP Wallace

Photo’s credit to IAMAW’s Facebook.

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Our struggle



This image sums up the struggle of the labour movement perfectly. We build it, we actually make the money, but all credit goes to the capital owner.

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Congratulations Rickey Wallace As Our New General Vice President


Rickey Wallace has been appointed interim General Vice President to replace Robert Martinez Jr. Please join us in congratulations towards Rickey! Keep up the Fight for our Future!


Story Here

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Never Forget the Price of Freedom



IAMAW Local 623 would like to honor and remember the fallen from Pearl Harbor. Thank you to all service members, past, present, and future. We would like to especially honor the families of those who never returned from the battle. Your families have paid the price for all of our freedom.

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Executive Board Voting This Month!


At this months meetings, Local 623 will be voting on a new Executive Board and Treasurer. If any members or retiree’s in good standing would like their voice heard for our leaderships posisitions, please comee on down and vote!


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Local 623 Welcomes and Congragulates our new President


Our International President Tom Buffenbarger, will step down on Jan.1, 2016 after a 45-year career that spans service as a local IAM Shop Steward to more than 18 years as the IAM’s top elected official.The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) announced that General Vice President Bob Martinez, Jr. will succeed Tom per our bylaws.
Bob Martinez Jr. will finish out the current term of Tom Buffenbarger, which goes to July 1, 2017.

Please welcome Mr. Martinez to his newly nominated posisition as we continue to fight for our future!

Full story HERE!


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