Members learning at the W3 Education Center


Brothers John Shotl (Steward – Electrolux) and Joe Baratta (LL623 Communicator, Steward – Electrolux) attended different classes at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood Maryland.

Brother John attended the Leadership 1 course to further his knowledge to represent the Machinist Union and to better represent the membership.

Brother Joe Baratta attended the Basic Communicator Class. As our Local’s communicator, he was taught a better insight into how to let the membership and public know what exactly is going on in both our Local Lodge and the Machinists Union as a whole.

We are extremely blessed as Machinists to have such a school. We are the ONLY trade union in the United States to have a school to better educate the membership. The school teaches Machinists young and old on numerous ways to better lead the future of labor. We learn from the vast experience of the rest of our 600,000 plus membership!

On a personal note, both John and I (Joe) are extremely grateful to our Local Lodge leadership for giving us the opportunity to further our education and experiences. We will come home tomorrow and hit the ground running with the knowledge we attained here.

Top photo: Communicator Class Top Left, 2nd in: Joe Baratta

Bottom photo: Leadership 1 Course Top Left stairs, teal shirt, John Shotl

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