Electrolux Closing in St. Cloud.


Hey everyone. We all know the news, obviously, and we all have tons of questions. But, at this time we have very little to share that isn’t already well known.
I do ask that we do our best to keep fear mongering and speculation to a minimum.
The company has set times to start negotiations in the coming weeks with all of our union leadership and committee members.
I know all of our elected officials are aware of the closure, as is all of the IAMAW leadership.
I and your other elected leadership and committees will have more to share, hopefully positive news, in the future. I’m sure the company will have more information posted on the future as well.
For those with questions about retirement and/or pension questions, many of your elected leadership is are knowledgeable to help. If we can’t personally, we’ll get you to who can.
All we can do now is keep building freezers until we have a agreement to vote on. Please don’t make brash decisions of you don’t have to. I personally recommend working until we know what’s fully offered.
I do reiterate, there isn’t any new news as of yet, but it will come in time.

In solidarity, Shop Chairperson and Communicator,

Joe Baratta

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